A Series UPS (AUPS)

A Series UPS (AUPS)

Critical Loads UPS System


Single Phase: 120V/208V/220V/230V/240V/480VAC
Three Phase: 208V/240V/380V/480VAC

Rated Power:

Industrial Power Systems
Oil & Gas Applications
Commercial Buildings


The La Marche A-Series UPS System (AUPS) is an Uninterruptible Power Supply system designed to power critical AC loads. Modular in concept, it utilizes separate rectifier and inverter components allowing for simplicity in sizing and growth for various requirements. The Inverter section is compact and supplies a sine wave output. It provides reliability through transistor switching and a ferroresonant transformer which has inherent voltage regulation, output filtering and overload protection. The Rectifier (Charger) section uses controlled ferroresonant technology, with separate adjustable voltage settings for float and equalize. It provides high efficiency, high power factor, short circuit protection, and an integral alarm package.

 Controlled Ferroresonant Technology 
• 2 Line LCD Display
• Automatic DC Voltage Regulation
• Automatic AC Voltage Compensation
• Float/Equalize Mode Switching & LED Indicators (Digitally Adjustable FL/EQ voltage levels)
• Positive and Negative Ground Detection
• AC & DC Surge Protection (MOV’s)
• AC Input Circuit Breaker
• AC “ON” LED Indicator
• Battery Disconnect Circuit Breaker

User Manuals
Communications21QModbus Communications RS232/RS485/Ethernet (Offered only with 46 series C.A.P.)
21PDNP3.0 Communications RS232/RS485/Ethernet (Offered only with 46 series C.A.P.)