DC/DC Converter

24,48,130, 260 VDC
6-500 Amps

130 VDC

Process Control


The unique design of the LaMarche A63 Series DC-DC Converters will allow you to utilize your 48V, 24V, and/or 12V equipment at a site where 130V batteries are installed. This will save battery, charger, and installation costs as well as reducing maintenance time and optimizing space. The A63 is a compact self contained DC-DC Converter that provides the Modular Power that today's utility substation, process control and telecommunications applications require. The A63 is the building block of these reliable systems using advanced switching technology. Its filtered output provides the clean power required for sensitive loads. The A63 DC output is available in 48V(15 amps) and 24V (30 amps) rated at 750W, or 12V(30 amps) modules rated at 375W.
• Natural Convection Cooling
• High Frequency Switchmode Circuitry Provides High Power Density
• Hot Plug-In Feature Provides Easy Replacement Without Disturbing System Operation
• 48VDC and 24VDC Versions–750 Watts Output Power
• 12VDC Version–375 Watts Output Power
• 19” and 23” Rack Mounting (using PC63 cages)
• Nominal Input Voltage of 130VDC, Range from 105-150VDC
• DC Input Breaker Mounted on Cage for Each Converter Module (wired in positive leg)
• Output Voltage Adjustment Potentiometer
• Test Points for Measuring Output Current and Voltage Using a Precision Multi-Meter
• Current Limiting Circuitry of 105% Maximum (factory set)


User Manuals
Voltage Range105-150VDC
ProtectionDC Breaker provided on cage for each unit
Adjustable Output Voltage Range48 to 58VDC on 48V models 24 to 29VDC on 24V models 12 to 14.5VDC on 12V models
Power750W per 48VDC and 24VDC module, maximum 3000 Watts per cage 375W per 12VDC module, maximum 1500 Watts per cage
Voltage Regulation± 0.6% Total DC Voltage Regulation (Measured at converter side of blocking diode)
Current Limit105% of rated output maximum (factory set)
Load SharingLoad Sharing Circuitry (10% of rated load)
ProtectionOver Voltage, Over Temperature
Efficiency82% within 50-100% of rated load
Ripple and NoiseLess than 150mV peak to peak, 32dbrn
Test PointsFor output current and output voltage using a precision digital voltmeter
Operating Temperature0 to 50 C (32 to 122 F)
Storage Temperature-40 to 85 C (-40 to 180 F)
Relative Humidity0 to 95% (non-condensing)
Altitude0 to 3,000 meters (10,000 ft)