Battery Float Current Monitor (FCM)

Battery Float Current Monitor (FCM)

Battery Monitoring Device

Current Sensing Accuracy:
+/- 1mA (up to 1A, 65A rating)
+/- 2mA (up to 1A, 130A rating)
+/- 5mA (up to 1A, 300A rating)
+/- 0.5% (1A to 300A)

Voltage Sensing Accuracy:
+/- 0.5% (0.01 to 300V)

Power Supply:
1.8W (0.15A @ 12 VDC (+/- 20%)) Supplied by Charger



The La Marche Battery Float Current Monitor (FCM) is a battery monitoring device that measures a Battery’s Float Current Charging/Discharging Currents & Battery Voltage. Float Current is how much the battery draws from a charger when it is fully charged, simply to maintain a full state of charge. The Float Current level is a good indicator of the battery’s condition. FCM assists in compliance with NERC PRC-005-6 and TPL-001-5 as it helps in determining the state of health (SOH) of the battery & state of charge (SOC) and in detecting the first signs of battery aging or thermal runaways. Monitoring the float current reduces the frequency of maintenance procedures. In addition, FCM measures and reports charging and discharging currents of the battery. FCM is precise in the milliamps range where it is the most critical for Float Current monitoring. This monitoring device also measures the battery voltage directly at the battery terminal for accurate data. Battery voltage monitoring is rated up to 300Vdc. One DC system can have up to four FCM devices connected. La Marche offers three sizes for continuous operation @ 65Adc, 130Adc & 300Adc. FCM has been designed for ease of customer connection & setup.

Assists in Compliance with NERC PRC-005-6 and TPL-001-5
High Resolution Battery Current Sensing
      Float Current (with an accuracy in the single digit milli-Amp range)

      Battery Charging & Discharging Current

Battery Voltage Sensing
Reports to the A77 Battery Charger via Isolated CAN Bus Interface 
      Real-Time Data on LCD

      Real-Time Data over SCADA Communications

      Data Logging on Micro SD

Secure Bus Bar Connections
      Battery Negative

      DC Load Negative

Reset Switch 
Status LEDs

Up to 4 Monitors per system
Wall-Mount Enclosure
25ft Communications and Power Supply Cable 

User Manuals