Material Handling (A39)

Material Handling (A39)

Microprocessor Controlled SCR Technology

2 to 150 Vdc
20 to 200Amps

Single Phase 120/208/240 Vac
Three Phase 208/240/480 Vac



The A39 is a microprocessor-controlled charger designed to provide the battery charging flexibility needed for maintenance shops and other locations with various charging requirements. Whether you need to charge a truck battery, a lift truck battery or a locomotive battery, the La Marche Model A39 Universal charger is an extremely versatile and dependable charger. But best of all, the model A39 allows you to set the charging parameter you desire. The A39 features a 10-year warranty.

• Microprocessor Control
• Auto Start/Stop Circuitry
• Constant Current Mode Charging
• Wide Current, Voltage & Timer Ranges
• AC Breaker
• DC Breaker (Single Phase Units)
• Automatic Surge protection


User Manuals
AC Input Voltages (60 Hz)120/208/240 VAC single phase240/208 VAC single or three phas 480 VAC three phase
DC Output Current20 to 200 amps
DC Output Voltage Range2-30 VDC6-60 VDC 8-90 VDC 12-150 VDC
Operating Temperature0 to 50 C
FinishANSI 61 baked enamel