Automatic Redundant Battery Selector

Nominal Voltage:
Up to 300 VDC

Rated Inrush Current:
500 to 4800 Amps

Continuous DC Ratingt:
50 to 200 Amps

Engine Starting

Standby generators occasionally fail to start due to weak or dead cranking batteries. The La Marche ARBS is a solid state device that controls redundant power for the engine starter. Our product is designed with high powered diodes to select the higher voltage of the two isolated DC power sources. The ARBS selects power from the best available battery while isolating the alternate battery bank. The special heat sink diode assembly is manufactured to handle high output requirements The diodes in the ARBS allows the starter motor cranking current to flow from the battery to the starter.

·  Fully Automatic
·  Continuous Current: 50A - 200A
·  Inrush Current: 500A - 4800A
·  Convection Cooled
·  Diodes Designed to Carry 100% of the Starter/Load
·  Surge Protection
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