Outdoor UPS

Outdoor UPS

Outdoor UPS System

120V or 230V/240V

120V or 230V/240V

Rated Power:

Network Closets
Security Systems
Telecom Equipment
Micro Data Centers
Edge Computing Sites
Server Rooms
Office buildings

Outdoor UPS is designed for extreme demanding environments where clean backup power is needed. Built-in with AVR function, it helps to maintain normal operation without transferring to battery mode during voltage surge or sag. It also offers battery temperature sensor connector to monitor connected battery temperature anytime. Equipped with dry contacts, outdoor UPS is able to provide programmable signals for event alarms. It’s perfect to use in security, communication, traffic and many other critical industrial environments.

• Provide Continuous Power to Critical Loads During Blackout in Rugged Environment
• Wide Operating Temperature Range From -40°C To 80°C Suits for Outdoor Applications
• Built-in Boost and Buck AVR to Regulate Input Voltage
• Selectable Transfer Time for Normal or Generator Modes
• Provides RS-232, USB and SNMP Intelligent Port
• Circuit Breaker Protection on AC Input, AC Output and External Battery Input User-Adjustable Charging Current 
• Provide Programmable Signals for Dry Contacts
• Battery Compensation Optimizes Battery Life Cycle