Onsite commissioning of La Marche products is the ideal method to verify proper installation and optimized performance tailored towards specific customer needs. This service is available directly from La Marche with the use of highly trained La Marche Field Service Technicians.

Pre-commissioning Requirements

  • Unit shall be installed properly in its permanent location (if allowed)
  • All customer connections made in the unit shall be finalized
  • Unit shall be initially isolated from all power sources
  • Proper AC or DC voltage must be readily available for unit power up
  • Batteries and/or other loads should be ready to be connected to the unit after confirming correct unit function

Commissioning Process

  1. Confirmation of correct application, dependent on nameplate specifications
  2. Unit placement evaluation
  3. Evaluation of unit physical condition
  4. Internal connection verification
  5. Visual inspection of internal electronic components
  6. Verification of input/output polarity and customer wiring
  7. Verification of proper customer I/O protection
  8. Unit energized with proper input voltage
  9. Input/output voltage measured
  10. Voltage measured from ground to each output terminal, where applicable
  11. Factory and customer calibration settings are set for specific system settings
  12. Alarms are introduced. Alarm contacts and lights are verified
  13. Battery and/or loads are connected to output of unit. Unit is confirmed to be functioning correctly

Contact Address

Business Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 8am to 5pm (CDT)
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Emergency Service Support

  • 847-296-8939
  • Emergency Number outside of normal business hours
    (24/7 Support)