Outdoor Modular Enclosure

84" H x 86.75" W x 48"D
84" H x 90.75" W x 48"D



La Marche multiple entry NEMA 3R enclosure allows for easy access for installation. This environmentally controlled battery enclosure can accommodate a wide range of battery sizes prolonging battery life. Modular Enclosure design allows for future expansion. NEMA 3R ventilation is accomplished via the use of louvered openings to filter the air within the enclosure, necessary to vent hydrogen released from the batteries.

• NEMA 3R - Protects against rain, sleet, snow and splashing water
• Powder Coated Aluminum Steel Enclosure
• Double Wall Solar Shield Roof
• Indoor / Outdoor
• Insulated Walls, Doors and Ceiling with 1” thick R6 Material
• 2000 BTU/Hr Air Conditioner with Heat Package
• Lockable Door Latch
• Alarm Contacts for HVAC Fail
• 20 Amps, 120 VAC GFCI Power Outlet
• Lifting Eyes
• Exhaust Fan with Programmable Timer
• Air Flow Sensor
• Grounding Terminal
• Removable Doors
• Eye Wash Station
• Internal Lighting

User Manuals
400 BTU/Hr HVAC for Extreme Temperatures
Stainless Steel Enclosure
Hydrogen Sensor
Battery Racks
Battery Spill Containment
Battery Charger
Breaker Panel
Heat Exchanger*
Heater Panel*
* Can be replaced for HVAC system.