EBI Enhanced Battery Informer

EBI Enhanced Battery Informer

Enhanced Stationary Battery Informer

Battery Voltage Ratings:
24, 48 or 130 VDC
For 25 up to 100 AH

Continuous Load Rating:
0 to 400 Amps


The Enhanced Battery Informer is a permanently installed test & monitoring device for the most mission critical single & dual battery string systems. The EBI goes beyond a simple battery monitor as it can identify problems in the battery, and monitors the integrity of the charger and the connected critical load.

·  Online Battery Test System
·  Ohmic/Conductance Trending
·  Manual Test Mode
·  Programmable Auto Test Interval (Adjustable 1 to 120 day interval)Battery and charger are never disconnected from load
·  On Board Data Logging 
·  Patented BI Test Trending 
·  Multi String Capable
·  Automatic Self-Diagnostic
·  4 Line LCD