BI Battery Informer

BI Battery Informer

Stationary Battery Informer

Battery Voltage Ratings:
24, 48 or 130 VDC
For 25 up to 100 AH

Continuous Load Rating:
0 to 400 Amps



The La Marche Stationary Battery Informer is a breakthrough in technology. This tester can be installed in any battery system and, within seconds, can determine the condition of your batteries under load without disrupting the system operation. The battery and charger are never disconnected from the load even during the test. The intelligent tester control circuit will not allow testing to take place when the batteries are being used in an emergency situation or if they are recharging from a recent discharge. It will also signal if the tester has failed and/or the charging system is inoperative. The Battery Informer is patented. It  performs a unique discharge test, signaling whether the batteries are missing, good, have open cell(s), are sulfated, and whether failure is imminent. Testing lasts only seconds.

·  Configured for 2, 4 or 6 Batteries Connections
·  200 Amp Capacity
·   For 12V Batteries
·   3 Ft Battery Cables with Clips
·  DC Pilot Light For Each Battery Position
·  Reverse Battery Indicator with Audible Alarm
·  On / Off Breaker For Each Battery Position
·  1 Year Warranty

User Manuals

Discrete Alarms068Audible Alarm with Silence Switch Uses (1) set of Summary contacts
Miscellaneous19QQuadrant System
Communications21PDNP3 Communications Protocol
21QModbus Communications Protocol