DC Electronic Switch

Nominal Voltage:
24, 48, 130 VDC

Rated Inrush Current:
500 to 2600 Amps (24 VDC Engine Start applications)

Continuous DC Rating:
50 to 200 Amps

Engine Starting

This DC Electronic Switch allows control of power source usage in DC systems with redundant sources (batteries). DCES Digital Controller offers the flexibility of selecting the active source of DC power in a system or periodically switching between sources. The LCD display provides voltage reading for each of the sources. The unit is also equipped with Source 1 On and Source 2 On LED indicators. La Marche has developed two versions of DC Electronic Switch product line; DCES has been developed for utility and other constant type loads (PLC’s, switchgear, monitoring equipment, etc.), and DCESE for engine starting applications with higher inrush current.

• Diode Isolation between the Sources 
• 4 Modes of Operation
• Individual Source Voltage Monitoring and Alarm
• Fault Alarm Relay (2 Form C, Dry Type, Contacts Rated: 1A at 120VAC, 2A at 32VDC)
• Active Source Indicator LEDs and Contacts (1 Form C, Dry Type, Contacts Rated: 13A at 277VAC, 10A at 28VDC)
• Fail Safe Design and Rugged Construction

User Manuals
BREAKERS AND PROTECTION017Input Breakers (2 Pole) (DCES Model Only)
Alarms18TStrobe Light with 110dB Siren for Alarm Notification with Silence Switch
581Fault Alarm Relay (2 Form C, Dry Type, Contacts Rated: 13A at 277VAC, 10A at 28VDC)
068Audible Alarm with Silence Switch
Communications21PDNP 3.0 TCP/IP and Serial (RS232 and RS485)
21QModbus TCP/IP and Serial (RS232 and RS485)
21SModbus RTU (Serial Only RS232 and RS485)