Manual ByPass System

Manual ByPass System

For use with up to three A31 Inverters

Inverter Rating:
up to 1.5 KVA
Make Before Break or Break Before Make

19/23" Rack


La Marche MBS Manual ByPass System provides a mechanical means to bypass your inverter(s). The MBS is designed to ByPass the AC line input from your inverter(s) directly to the load. This allows access for both scheduled and emergency maintenance on the inverter(s). La Marche offers two MBS configurations, a Make-Before-Break (MB4B) and a Break- Before-Make (BB4M). The MB4B switch links  both the AC Line input and the inverter(s) AC output  momentarily before completing the transfer, where as the BB4M switch disconnects both momentarily before completing the transfer. The MB4B is the preferred configuration for use with critical loads. The MBS was designed with simplicity and safety in mind. The unit includes a circuit breaker with a mechanical trip indicator. This circuit breaker allows the user to easily remove the AC line input from the inverter, and the trip indicator offers instant verification that the breaker has opened. The installed rotary switch offers a third position to prevent accidental switching. The MBS has indicators connected both to the inverter output and to the MBS output, in order to verify mode of operation. The MBS also includes standard C-14 inputs and NEMA 5-15 outputs to simplify the connections to the inverters.

·  Input/Output Terminal Block
·  3 Position Rotary Cam Swich
·  19 & 23 Rack Standard
·  Breaker with Trip Indicator
·  C-14 Inlets
·  NEMA 5-15P Outlets