High Frequency Switchmode Technology

Output :
12 or 24 VDC
10 or 30 Amps

Single Phase 102 to 264 VAC

Generators, Compressors and Engine Starting


The La Marche Ultra Series Charger is a High Frequency Switchmode charger specifically developed for Batteries and Super Capacitors used in starting applications. This programmable charger with filtered output is designed to charge various types of chemistries, such as Lead Acid, Nickel Cadmium and Super Capacitors. The USC series incorporates Power Factor Correction (PFC) Circuitry with a wide input voltage range. The user friendly interface allows the user to navigate easily through the configuration menu. The two line LCD displays Output DC Voltage & Current and Alarm Status. The front of the unit provides four status LED indicators for the overall status of the system.

 • Microprocessor Controlled High Frequency Technology
 • AC Input: 105-264VAC (45-65Hz)
 • Available DC Output: 12VDC and 24VDC
 • Designed for Super Capacitors and Lead Acid (Flooded & VRLA) & NiCad Batteries
 • Battery Test (Not available in Super Cap charging mode)
 • Protection: Input/ Output Fuses, Transient Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Reverse Battery Protection, Blocking Device
 • 5 Alarm Contacts (Form C)
 • 2 Year Warranty

User Manuals

AC InputSingle Phase Input
AC Input Range (102 - 264 VAC, 45 - 65 Hz)
DC Input Range (105 - 140 Vdc)
DC Output10A/12V, 20A/12V, 30A/12V
10A/24V, 20A/24V, 30A/24V
Power Factor0.99
Load Regulation<±0.5%
Output Filtering (with or without connected battery)<1% of Output Voltage
Input ProtectionFuse with Surge and Transient Protection
AC Over Voltage Protection
Output Current LimitFactory set at 100%, adjustable from 50-105%
Output ProtectionFuse with Surge Protection
Blocking Diode
Thermal Protection
Short Circuit Protection
LCD Digital DisplayDC Output Voltmeter and Ammeter (1%)
LED IndicatorsAC ON
Alarm ContactsCharger Fail
AC Fail
High DC Voltage
Low DC Voltage
Operating-40° to 65°C (-40° to 149°F) (Derated up to 70°C)
Storage-40° to 85°C (-40° to 185°F)
Relative Humidity0 to 95% non condensing
Battery Charging Voltage RangeFloat*: Lead Acid 2.12-2.30 Volt/CellNiCad 1.39-1.45 Volt/Cell
Equalize*:Lead Acid 2.25-2.40 Volt/CellNiCad 1.45-1.60 Volt/Cell
* Doesn't apply to Supercapacitor
MountingWall Mount
CoolingFan Assisted
Cable EntryLeft / Right / Bottom
EnclosureNEMA 1
StandardsUL / CUL 1236
ANSI C62.41A
EN 60335-1 (Electrical Safety)
IEC 60335-2-29 (Electrical Safety)
IEC 60068-2-6 (Sinusoidal Vibration)
EN 55011 (Radiated EMI)
IEC 1000-4-2 (Electrostatic Discharge)
IEC 1000-4-4 (Electrical Fast Transient)
Low DC Voltage (Red)
Operating-20 to 50 C
Storage-40 to 85 C
Relative Humidity5% to 95% non-condensing

Communications21SModbus RTU Serial Data Port RS232/RS485
Controls11YExternal Temperature Probe 100ft
Enclosure Accessories080Drip Shield (IP22 / NEMA Type 2)