Solar Charge Controller (SCC)

Solar Charge Controller (SCC)

PWM Technology

Output :
10A or 20A @12/24VDC

PV Input:
15-25VDC / 30-50VDC

Rated Power:
170W(12V) /340W(12/24V) /680W(24V)


The La Marche Solar Charge Controller is available in two models, the SCM (Solar Charge Controller – MPPT Technology) and SCP (Solar Charge Controller – PWM Technology). Both models regulate the voltage and current from the solar modules to properly charge the battery and supply the load. In order to maximize the power that can be extracted from the solar modules, the SCM Controller utilizes Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm. For a simplified version, the SCP controller regulates the charging power using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).

• MPPT/PWM Algorithms 

• Intelligent Micro Controller 
• High Efficiency 
• Compact Design 
• Status LED Indicators 
• Bonus Power Terminal
• USB Connection
• Temperature Sensor

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