Telecom (LMHF)

Telecom (LMHF)

High Frequency (24 kW/Shelf)

-48VDC or 24VDC

Single Phase: 176 - 312VAC or
Single Phase: 187 - 320VAC

Rated Power:
24KW or 18.6KW/Shelf (23")

Radio Base Stations/ Cell Sites
LTE / 4G / Wimax Nodes
Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
Microwave Transmission
Telephony Servers / Switches
Fiber Optics / FTTX
Cable Distribution

The La Marche model LMHF (La Marche High Frequency) is a 4 RU modular design rectifier for telecommunication applications. It is a highly compact self- contained power system. The current limiting circuitry, voltage regulation, high efficiency and high power factor makes the LMHF an ideal choice where power requirements are critical. These rectifiers are available with nominal output voltages of 24 VDC or 48 VDC and can deliver 115 amps and 75 amps respectively. The nominal universal input range of 208 VAC to 277 VAC and the frequency range of 45 to 66 Hz provides the flexibility for worldwide power requirements.

• High Frequency Switchmode Rectifiers
• Full graphic LCD Touch-Screen
• Adjustable Output Power and Alarm
• Data Logging
• Digital and Analog User-Configurable Inputs
• User-Defined Alarms
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