LM UPS Series

LM UPS Series

LM UPS System



Rated Power:

Network Closets
Security Systems
Telecom Equipment
Micro Data Centers
Edge Computing Sites
Server Rooms
Office Buildings

LM-UPS-120 Series is a single phase true double conversion UPS system. The LM-UPS 120 is offered as rack-mountable units as well as stand alone wheel-based units. The system is available in 6kVA and 10kVA models. The LM-UPS-120 utilizes DSP technology and active input power factor correction for an improved output power quality, performance and enhanced output conditions. The LM-UPS-120 features a user-friendly LCD panel control interface for system configuration and tuning to meet the needs of various IT, Networking and Telecom applications.

• True Double-Conversion 
• DSP Technology Guarantees High Performance 
• Output Power Factor 0.8 
• Wide Input Voltage Range (60-150 VAC) 
• Active Input Power Factor Correction 0.99 
• 50Hz/60Hz Frequency Converter Mode
• ECO Mode Operation For Energy Saving (ECO)