IX Series

IX Series

Switchmode Technology

Single Phase 120 Vac 60Hz
or 230 Vac 50Hz
3 to 6 KVA

48 VDC


The low distortion 50 or 60 Hz sine wave is produced using an advanced DSP controlled architecture which achieves better than 89% efficiency and 10.5VA per cubic inch power density. IX Series pre-configured inverter systems include a controller and Static Transfer Switch with optional power distribution and maintenance by-pass facilities. Remote communications to a PC is provided via USB, RS232 or RS485 serial connections. SNMP alarm traps delivered over an Ethernet TCP/IP connection are also provided as standard.

• Hot-Swap Inverter, STS and Controller Modules
• 120VAC or 230VAC
• Low Distortion 50 or 60Hz Pure Sine Wave
• 1500 to 6000 VA System Capacity
• 40.5 to 58 VDC Input
• DSP Management & Control
•  > 89% Efficiency
• 1-year Warranty
• 19 inch Rack Mounting

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