IUPS Industrial UPS

IUPS Industrial UPS

Industrial UPS System 5k-60kVA

Single Phase: 120VAC

Three Phase: 480VAC

DC Bus Voltage:

Industrial Power Systems
Oil & Gas Applications
Commercial Buildings

La Marche Industrial double conversion UPS System is designed using IGBT with digital control to ensure reliability. This UPS system maintains power to critical loads during power outages, brownouts and power spikes. La Marche Industrial UPS Systems are highly customizable ; kVA Rating, Single or Three Phase, Frequency, Charger Size, System and Battery Enclosure Protection, Distribution and other features. The system’s smart controller offers a dynamic color touchscreen mimic panel which displays the power flow through the system and provides visual Alarms and Status indications. This UPS system is equipped with Remote Monitoring, data Logging and Battery Test capabilities.
• Double Conversion per NEMA PE1
• Input and Output Isolation Transformer 
• Hybrid Design of 12 Pulse Rectification & IGBT Regulation
• 7” Touch Display
• Dynamic Mimic Panel
• Battery Test
• Web Based Monitoring
• Data Logging
• Communications
• 8 Dry Alarm Contacts
• Manual Bypass Switch
• Static Bypass Switch
• Battery Temperature Compensation (Adjustable Rate)
• Start From Batteries
• Real Time Clock