Ferroresonant Technology

Output :
24 VDC
10 or 20 Amps

120 VAC

Generators, Compressors and Engine Starting


The La Marche EC charger uses proven Ferroresonant charging technology. It is a completely automatic, Solid State, constant voltage Battery Charger that will sense the Battery condition and deliver the appropriate output current to recharge it. Once the Battery becomes fully charged, the output current will automatically decrease to a very low Trickle Charge to prevent overcharging of the Batteries. The EC is designed and built to charge Flooded Lead-Acid or Nickel Cadmium Batteries containing a specific number of cells. However, it is not suitable to charge sealed Valve-Regulated Batteries since these require output filtering such as a Power Supply (see our models A12B, TPSD or A36D for this type of application).

 • Ferroresonant Charging Technology
 • Stainless Steel NEMA-1 Enclosure 
 • Analog DC Ammeter & Voltmeter
 • Float/Equalize Switch & LED Indicators
 • AC Circuit Breaker
 • Single Phase AC Input 120V AC 60Hz
 • UL 1564 Listed & CUL Listed



User Manuals
Alarms204Combined Accessory Package to meet NFPA110