High Frequency Switchmode Technology

Output :
130 VDC
20-60 Amps

188-264 VAC

Process Control
Oil Exploration


The La Marche A97 Series is a High Frequency Switchmode Rectifier System. This compact model provides highly reliable and efficient DC power. The A97 Rectifier System features current limiting circuitry, voltage regulation, high efficiency and high power factor, which makes it suitable for many DC applications. The A97 model is equipped with a 2-line LCD display, alarm LED indicators and discrete alarm contacts to provide DC system status.

• High Frequency Switchmode Technology
• 0.99 Power Factor & High Efficiency
• Compact Size and Portable on a Wheeled Cart
• Filtered / Battery Eliminator Chargers
• Single Phase and Three Phase Units
• Adjustable Float / Equalize Voltage Levels
• Secure Remote Monitoring and Communications


User Manuals
Input Voltage Range185-264VAC
Input Frequency Range45-66Hz
DC OutputDC Amps: 20 to 150 amperes
DC Volts: 48 & 130VDC
Ripple VoltageWith Battery Connected < 30 mV RMS
Without Battery Connected < 45 mV RMS
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)EMI (conducted or radiated) rated in accordance with FCC Part 15. Class
Operating Temperature0°C (32°F) to 50°C (130°F)
Storage Temperature-40°C (-40°F) to 85°C (185°F)
Humidity0% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
High Voltage Shutdown
AC Breaker
DC Breaker
Audible NoiseLess than 54dBa at any point three feet from any vertical surface of the rectifier
CoolingFan Cooled
CONTROLSFloat/Equalize Switch
Float Voltage
Equalize Voltage
Communications21JIEC 61850 Ethernet
21PDNP 3.0 Communications RS232/RS485/Ethernet
21QModbus Communication RS232/RS485/Ethernet
21SModbus RTU Serial Data Port RS232/RS485
Discrete Alarms068Audible Alarm
Miscellenous086Wheeled Cart