TPSD2 (Ferro Resonant Charger)

The La Marche TPSD2 Battery Charger Series is designed to perform as Power Supply / Battery Eliminator. This model incorporates Controlled Ferroresonant technology to provide the DC system with dependable battery charger.
TPSD2 Battery Charger Series is engineered for the demanding requirements of Switchgear, Process Control, Oil & Gas and other DC power applications.

The design of the TPSD2 utilizes special magnetics that optimizes the performance of the charger. It's known for its High Efficiency, High Power Factor, Low Harmonic Distortion and inherent Current Limiting. The MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure for this design is conservatively rated at 225,000 hours at 50°C, assuring longevity and a higher return for your dollar.

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