SCM Solar Charge MPPT Controller

SCM Solar Charge MPPT Controller

MPPT Technology

Output :

PV Input:

Rated Power:
300W - 3KW



Combined MPPT technology and DSP controller, SCC-MPPT will convert best voltage to charge battery based on various temperature. Compared to traditional solar charge controllers, it allows your solar panels to operate at their optimum power output voltage, providing higher efficiency up to 98% with lower power loss. Integrated SCC-MPPT with inverter, solar panel, and external; battery packs, it can become a standalone solar power system to generate green power for your home appliances. SCC-MPPT will convert solar power to charge external batteries and then provide power to home appliances via inverter.

 Intelligent Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology
 Built-in DSP Controller with High Performance
 Automatic Battery Voltage Detection (only for 600W and 3kW)
 Battery Temperature Sensor (BTS) Automatically Provides Temperature Compensation (only for 3kW)
 Three-stage Charging Optimizes Battery Performance
 Automatic Load-Detection
 Multifunctional LCD Displays Detailed Information
 Reverse Polarity Protection for Solar Panel and Battery
 Overcharge and Overload Protection