Modular UPS (MUPS)

Modular UPS (MUPS)

Modular UPS System


100/200, 110/220, 120/208, 120/240, 127/220V

Rated Power:
6KVA/Module (Up to 10 Parallel Modules)

Network Closets
Security Systems
Telecom Equipment
Micro Datacenters
Edge Computing Sites
Server Rooms
Office Buildings

 MUPS modular online UPS system offers a versatile and cost-effective solution for critical power applications. This configurable cabinet includes 4 or 6 slots that can accommodate UPS modules or battery packs. The standard configurations for the MUPS include 1UPS Module /3 Battery packs, 2 UPS Modules /2 Battery packs, 4 UPS module or 4 UPS modules / 2 Battery Packs.

• True Double-Conversion
• Modular Connector Box with Hot-Swappable Design for Ease of Power Expansion, Installation and Maintenance
• Parallel Operation with Common Battery
• Modular Battery Design
• 50Hz/60Hz Selectable Frequency Mode
• Emergency Power Off Function (EPO)
• Generator Compatible DSP Technology Guarantees High Reliability
• Eco Mode Operation for Energy Saving (Improves the Efficiency up to 97%)