Switchmode Inverter

Output :
Single Phase 120 Vac 60Hz
800 to 1500 VA

48 VDC

Radio Base Stations/ Cell Sites
LTE / 4G / Wimax Nodes
Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
Microwave Transmission
Telephony Servers / Switches
Fiber Optics / FTTX
Cable Distribution

The La Marche LTI 2 inverter is the ideal choice if the AC power requirement are critical. This inverter is equipped with standard features such as sine wave output, voltage regulation, under/over–voltage conditions, and overload protection. The LTI 2 Inverter Series is designed to operate at 48VDC input and produce 120 VAC nominal output. The load distortion 60Hz sine wave is produced using an advanced DSP controlled architecture which achieves 89% efficiency.

User Manuals
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