High Frequency Rectifiers

Output :
-48 VDC or +24 VDC

Nominal: 208 to 277 VAC
Operating: 187 to 320 VAC

Radio Base Stations/ Cell Sites
LTE / 4G / Wimax Nodes
Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
Microwave Transmission
Telephony Servers / Switches
Fiber Optics / FTTX
Cable Distribution

The LMPS is specifically designed as an all in one solution that integrates our High Frequency rectifiers with our distribution center. It combines the load distribution breakers, LVLD, interface, ground/charge bars and High Frequency modular rectifiers into a 23” rack mount unit. The LMPS is offered in two load configurations; a 600A single breaker tier configuration or 1200A two breaker tier configuration. The distribution breaker bus is rated at 600A per tier. Each breaker tier is equipped with 20 Plug-In distribution breaker positions and a contactor (LVLD) that is controlled by the systems’ controller. The main bus bars are rated to support up to two 48V or two 24V rectifier shelves. Operating the hot-swappable rectifiers in parallel provides ideal N+1 redundancy, which allows for easy rectifier replacement without system interruption.

 • Up to 48k Watt Power
 • Two Load Configurations:
       600A Single Breaker Tier Configuration
       1200A Two Breaker Tier Configuration

 • 20 Plug-In Distribution Breaker Positions per Tier
 • LVLD Contactor per Tier
 • Up to Two 48V or Two 24V Rectifier Shelves
 • Hot-Swappable Rectifiers
 • Flexibility for N+1 Redundancy
 • Alarms and Communications Capabilities
 • 2 Year Warranty