LMC SUN Hybrid Inverter (Grid Tied / Off Grid)

LMC SUN Hybrid Inverter (Grid Tied / Off Grid)

Hybrid Inverter (Grid Tied / Off Grid)

Input :
90-280VAC or 170-280VAC

PV Input:

DC Bus:

Rated Power



The LMC-Sun Series is an intelligent power conversion and energy storage system combining functions of solar charger, battery charger and inverter. The LMC-Sun Series Hybrid operation allows the flexibility to operate as an Off-Grid inverter in the case of utility power loss. In contrast to single function traditional PV inverters; at normal operating conditions the LMC-Sun inverter can simultaneously feed in power back to the grid while charging the battery. The LMC-Sun inverters allow for cost efficient operation by supporting self-consumption via the battery when PV energy is low. All LMC-Sun models are equipped with a powerful and easy to use LCD controller interface and are available with adjustable charging current feature for different battery technologies. The LMC-Sun series supports a wide range of applications from electronics, computer and server systems, common appliances to motor based appliances and loads.

 MPPT Charge Controller to Optimize Charging Efficiency
 Multiple Modes of Operation: Grid-Tie, Off-grid and Grid-Tie with Backup Battery
 Feed-In into the Utility Power Grid and Supports Local Load (Self-Consumption)
 Ability to Set the Primary Supply Between PV, Grid or Battery
 Adjustable Charging Voltage and Current to Accommodate Different Battery Technologies
 Pure Sine-Wave Output
 Remote Monitoring for Real-Time Status and Control
 Parallel Operation of up to 6 Units (3k/4k/5k Models Only