The ESCR II engine starting battery charger product line utilizes microprocessor controlled SCR Charging Technology. The PWM control provides the highest reliability that is required for maintaining and recharging engine start batteries for generator sets. This charger is suitable for various types of batteries such as flooded lead acid, VRLA and NiCad.

The 0.5% regulation, temperature compensation, battery check, equalize timer along with adjustable output voltage and current limiting assures longevity and performance for your batteries. This economical solution equipped with advanced features incorporates La Marche quality and reliability.

The front panel is equipped with LCD display, alarm status LED's and controls. The two-line LCD displays output voltage and current along with alarm status text description. Individual LED indicators provide local supervision.

from "C" contacts are available for remote annunciation. Push button controls are used for Float/Equalize mode, Reset, Lamp Test and Configure. This multi-input/output all-in-one unit meets NFPA 110, C62.41A and UL safety requirements.

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 ESCR II Instruction Manual

 ESCR II - 21S Instruction Manual

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  • Microprocessor Controlled SCR Technology
  • Tap Select Input 120/208-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • LCD Display
  • Alarm LED's and Form "C" Contacts
  • Adjustable Float and Equalize Voltages
  • Automatic AC Input Voltage Compensation
  • AC to DC Isolation
  • Filtering Suitable for VRLA Batteries
  • Battery Fault Detection
  • Internal Temperature Compensation
  • Multimode Equalize Timer
  • AC & DC Breakers
  • Current Limiting
  • Soft Start
  • Meets NFPA110 and C62.41A
  • UL, CUL, CE
  • 3 Year Warranty
AC Input (Tap Selectable)
120/208-240 VAC +/-10%, 50/60Hz, Single Phase
DC Output
30A @ 24V
40A @ 24V
50A @ 24V
Line: <+/-0.5%
Load: <+/-0.5%
Output Filtering (w. connected battery)
Less than 500 mV RMS
InputBreaker with Surge protection
OutputBreaker with Surge Protection
Battery Cell Selection
24 Volts: 12L, 18NC, 19NC, 20NC
Output Current Limit
Adjustable from 50-105%
Factory set at 105%
LCD DC Output Digital Voltmeter and Ammeter (1%)
Float Voltage
2.12 - 2.3 volts/cell (Lead)
1.39 - 1.45 volts/cell (NiCad)
Equalize Voltage
2.25 - 2.40 volts/cell (Lead)
1.45 - 1.6 volts/cell (NiCad)
Float and Equalize Button
Switch from Float to Equalize
Configure Button
Output Settings
Voltage and Cells
Adjust Voltage for Float & Equalize
Adjust Alarm Settings and Delay
Enable/Disable temperature Compensation Equalize Timer
- Multi-Mode Equalize Timer and Light; adjustab;e from 1-144hrs
- five selectable modes: Manual, 7-day, 14-day, 30-day and equalize after Low DC Voltage and/or AC Failure (default Factory Setting)
Reset Button
Restarts the Unit
Lamp Test Button
Tests LCD Display & LED's
Alarm Contacts
AC Failure
Low DC Voltage
High DC Voltage
Charger Failure
LCD Display
LED Indicators
Float (Green)
Equalize (Yellow)
AC ON (Green)
Charger Failure (Red)
Battery Fault (Red)
Current Limit (Red)
High DC Voltage (Red)
Low DC Voltage (Red)
-20 to 50C
-40 to 85C
Relative Humidity
5% to 95% non-condensing
Structural Design
NEMA 1 powder coated floor/wall mount
Cable Entry
Both sides
NFPA 110

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