Digital Combined Accessory Package (16 Series and 46 Series)

The Digital C.A.P. (Combined Accessory Package) Systems feature a microprocessor-based design that incorporates the most popular alarms combined with a Multi-Mode Equalize Timer and a Digital Display in one convenient factory installed package. The Alarm relay contacts and LED indicators allow the user to report faulty conditions remotely and locally. Alarm conditions are reported via Form "C" contacts to alert the operator of faulty condition of the DC Power System to take corrective actions. Individual Alarm LEDs and the Digital Display are provided for local supervision. You are not limited to a one size fits all - several Digital C.A.P. system configurations are offered to meet your specific needs. Whether Ground Detection, Low Voltage Battery Disconnect, Low Voltage Load Disconnect or an Audible Alarm is required, La Marche offers a wide variety of solutions for every application. Completely user friendly, the Digital C.A.P. System alarm settings can be adjusted and calibrated in the field without requiring of special tools or equipment. Best of all, adjustments can be made when the battery is on-line without affecting the load, thus reducing costly downtime. 


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