A97 (High Freq Rectifiers)

The La Marche A97 Series is a High Frequency Switchmode Rectifier System. This compact model provides highly reliable and efficient DC power. The A97 Rectifier System features current limiting circuitry, voltage regulation, high efficiency and high power factor, which makes it suitable for many DC applications. The A97 model is equipped with a 2-line LCD display, alarm LED indicators and discrete alarm contacts to provide DC system status. This model is offered in 48V and 130V output capabilities. All A97 models operate over a range of 185-264 volts (45-66Hz) AC line. Its steady state output voltage remains within ±0.5% regulation of the setting from no load to full load to handle charging today’s diverse battery technologies.

Stationary Battery Charger Applications

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A97 Instruction Manual

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High Frequency Switchmode Technology
Power Supply / Battery Eliminator
>85% Efficiency Including Series Output Diode
Float / Equalize Switch
Adjustable Float & Equalize Voltage
Analog DC Voltmeter & Ammeter
AC Breaker 92 Pole for Single Phase or 3 Pole for Three Phase)
DC Breaker 2 Pole
High Voltage Shutdown
AC Power Failure Alarm Contacts form "C"
Walk-In Circuit
Compact and Light Weight System
Adaptable Mounting Configurations
Single Phase or Three Phase AC Input
Operates on a Grounded or Ungrounded System
1-Year Warranty

Input Voltage Range
Input Frequency Range
Power Factor
Power factor correction curcuitry corrects the input power factor >0.95
Dynamic response (with battery). Maximum voltage transient will not exceed +/- 10% of initial steady state voltage for a step change from 20% to 100% of the full rated load. Recovery to steady state voltage regulation range does not exceed 50ms and all transient behavior disappears within 100ms.
Steady State
Typical output voltage is +/-0.5% of the setting from no load to full load over the specified input voltage, and ambient temperature ranges.
Current Limit
Maximum output current limited at 105% of its rated value.
Electromagnetic interference (EMI)
EMI (cinducted or radiated) rated in accordance with FCC Part 15. Class
Ripple Voltage
Ripple Voltage is less than 30 mv RMS when connected to a battery with an Amp-Hour capacity of four times the rated output of the rectifier. When used as a power supply the ripple voltage is less than 45mv RMS. NOTE: When the A97 is used as a power supply with inductive loads, consult the factory.
Walk-In Circuit
Output voltage will gradually increase after the charger is turned on, eliminating surges and over-shoot.
High Voltage Shutdown
Operating Temperature
0C (32F) to 50C (130F)
Storage Temperature
40C (40F) to 85C (185F)
0% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Audiable Noise
Less than 54dBa at any point three feet from any vertical surface of the rectifier.
Fan Cooled
Float/Equalize Switch
Rectifier may be equalized locally via front panel switch
Float Voltage
Adjustable From 120-135V
Equalize Voltage
Adjustable From 130-144V

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