A96 (High Freq Rectifiers)

The LaMarche A96 provides highly reliable, hot swappable 130 VDC power with full load sharing capability in a compact, modular rectifier system. At a height of only 4RU in a four across 23" rack configuration it offers high power density combined with high efficiency. There is no need to shut down the system to change a rectifier. With current limiting circuitry, voltage regulation, high efficiency and high power factor, the A96 is the ultimate modular rectifier for Utility applications. The A96 is more than a rectifier/battery charger, it is also a power supply/battery eliminator. The loss of one rectifier will not affect the operation of the remaining rectifiers. Complete front panel accessibility and a plug-and-go design ensure quick, convenient installation without the possibility of wiring errors. Installing a unit only takes a minute. Adverse power conditions do not affect the A96 DC output. Its AC input line regulation operates over a range of 185-264 volts, with a frequency range of 45-66Hz.ge can hold up to 4(four) 20 Amp rectifiers which will provide a total of 80 Amps of power.

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