A85MD (Ferro Resonant Charger)

The A85MD charger is not only rugged and relaible, but also more compact than its predecessor. Smaller in size, lighter in weight, all solid state, and completely automatic, the A85MD takes full advantage of La Marche Technology to meet your battery charging needs.

The model A85MD is also a completely automatic, constant voltage charger. Each unit is designed to operate on a specific type of battery with a specific number of cells. No taps, switches or other devices need to be set. Just plug in the battery. The unit is a tough, all solid state charger with no moving parts. All its electronic components are conservatively rated to assure excellent reliability in severe environments. By using reliable electronic components, LaMarche reduces the need for maintenance and troubleshooting, which can be performed by a mine electrician with a standard volt-ohm-meter.

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