A75R (Multiple Output SCR Charger)

The La Marche A75R series battery chargers are specifically developed for the railroad market using proven SCR charging technology. Integrated features and functions are ideal for signaling, highway crossing, defect detectors and PTC’s (positive train control). This filtered unit is designed and built to charge VRLA, Flooded Lead Acid and Nickel Cadmium batteries. A75R’s are packed with valued added features to make your DC system more reliable. Internal digital temperature compensation circuitry prolongs battery life with optional external temperature sensor that can be mounted near the battery system. State of the art lightning protection circuit protects the unit against lightning surges. Charger failure contacts are provided for remote annunciation. Remote shutdown capability allows the user to test DC System integrity or remotely shutdown the unit in emergency situations. Mechanically designed to handle the most abusive environmental conditions. The A75R is built in NEMA 1 enclosure and equipped with AREMA style hardware for the input and output connections. This convection cooled unit has components conservatively chosen to achieve MTBF in excess of 100,000 hours.   

Instruction Manuals
A75R Instruction Manual
A75R Instruction Manual Version V.2
A75R Instruction Manual Version V.3.


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