A63 (Up to 750 Watt/Module)

The unique design of the LaMarche A63 Series DC-DC Converters will allow you to utilize your 48V, 24V, and/or 12V equipment at a site where 130V batteries are installed. This will save battery, charger, and installation costs as well as reducing maintenance time and optimizing space. The A63 is a compact self contained DC-DC Converter that provides the Modular Power that today's utility substation, process control and telecommunications applications require. The A63 is the building block of these reliable systems using advanced switching technology. Its filtered output provides the clean power required for sensitive loads. The A63 DC output is available in 48V(15 amps) and 24V (30 amps) rated at 750W, or 12V(30 amps) modules rated at 375W.  

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