A45M (Mag Amp Charger)

The A45M automatically senses the battery's charge status and delivers the optimum charge.The LaMarche A45M Mine Battery Charger offers exceptional reliability and performance while striving for the highest level of Safety for Mine personnel. Built-in standard features such as Ground Check Circuitry, Ground Shielding of the Primary and Secondary of Magnetics (Transformers and Reactors) and Emergency Stop Pushbuttons are contributing elements to our ongoing efforts to enhance Safety.

Reliability is unsurpassed our A45M's Magnetic Amplifier Circuitry achieves the greatest reliability without compromising performance. The inherent design features of the A45M prevent drifts from the DC charging curve due to surges or voltage drops while eliminating the need for voltage sensitive relays. It prevents Battery overheating and Fuse blowing, ensuring a long Battery and Charger life. To ensure the highest quality standards, La Marche designs and manufactures all its transformers and reactors to UL Class H/1800C for protection against the rough, dirty and damp environments typically found in Mines.

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