A45E (Mag Amp Charger)

The La Marche A45E Battery Charge features an exclusive computer control system that automatically senses conditions the instant it is connected to a battery. It quickly determines the level of charge needed by the battery; reliably delivers the charge; and, maintains the charge at its optimum level for long-term battery performance. The A45E monitoring system helps prevent both undercharging and overcharging. By delivering only the charge your battery needs, from start, through the gassing stage, to the finish charge, regardless of its charge level. The charging curve of the A45E is easily adjusted to cover many battery designs and types. The exclusive La Marche Mag-Amp technology provides automatic line compensation and adjustable DC output range through a specially designed input transformer and magnetic amplifier. To minimize harmful temperature rise, the A45E is designed to return a maximum charge to the battery in the shortest possible time. Designed and built with La Marche quality inside and out, the A45E will service your batteries for years.

A45E Data Sheet 

A45E Instruction Manual

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