Magnetic Amplifier Technology

Output :
12, 24V and 32V

120, 208 and 240

Generators, Compressors and Engine Starting



The La Marche model A40/A40F battery chargers are renowned throughout the industry as the Constavolt because of their reliability and their precise and constant output voltage to charge your batteries. The Constavolt is a completely automatic, solid state, constant voltage battery charger built to carry continuous and intermittent loads up to 80% of its maximum rated output capacity. It is ideal for applications where it is advantageous to have the charger permanently connected across the battery, keeping it charged at all times and to simultaneously carry continuous and/or intermittent current loads such as onboard peripheral equipment.

• Magnetic Amplifier Circuitry 
• Automatic DC Voltage Regulation
• Automatic AC Input Voltage Compensation +/- 10% 
• Automatic Surge Suppression
• A40/A40F models are UL 1564 Listed & C-UL Listed 
• AC input and DC output fusing protects battery and charger
• Analog DC Ammeter
• DC Current Limiting Circuitry 
• Charger design prevents battery from discharging if AC line fails
• AC to DC Isolation
• Model A40F is filtered for Valve-Regulated batteries
• 10-Year Limited Warranty 

User Manuals

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