The LaMarche Model A36D Controlled Ferroresonant Rectifier/Power Supply has many inherent advantages such as voltage regulation, high efficiency, high power factor and short circuit protection. These chargers provide separate adjustable voltages for floating or equalizing lead or nickel-cadmium cells. An equalize switch is located on the front panel of the charger for manual activation or a multi-mode electronic timer can be used for automatic activation. Steady state output voltage remains within +/- 1/2% of the setting from no load to full load and for AC input voltages within +/- 10% of the nominal input voltage. The Model A36D is internally filtered to be no greater than 32dBrn ("C" message weighting) and 30 millivolts RMS for all conditions on input voltage and output load with or without batteries connected. This allows the A36D to be used as a battery eliminator.

Data Sheet 

Instruction Manual

Series 1
(LED Display)

Series 2
(LCD/VFD Display) 


Instruction Manual for Communication Cards

MODBUS (RS232/RS485/Ethernet)


21P, 57T and 57U
DNP 3.0 (RS232/RS485/Ethernet)

IEC 61850 (Ethernet)

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