Ferroresonant Technology

Output :
12, 24, 32, 36 VDC
2-5 Amps

120/208/240 VAC

Generators, Compressors and Engine Starting


The A18J/A20R features a 2-year warranty. These Chargers are completely automatic and are designed for continuous operation on unloaded Engine Starting Batteries. They are intended for mounting near the Engine Generator Set to be permanently connected to the Battery and AC lines. They are built for Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries and are not suitable to charge Sealed Valve-Regulated Batteries since these require a filtered charger (please refer to our models A40F/A46F for this type of application).The A18J and A20R will automatically sense the Battery condition and will shutdown to milliampere currents once the Battery becomes fully charged. These models, in their simplicity were not designed to carry any DC loads, they are typically used in applications where a small capacity Battery Charger is required to maintain and recharge a single Battery Bank.

 • Silicon diode full wave rectifier design
 • Automatic operation
 • AC input fusing and DC output auto-reset breaker protects battery and charger
 • Automatic surge protector
 • Flush mounted 5% accuracy analog DC ammeter
 • AC input voltages of 120, 208 or 240VAC, 50/60Hz, single phase
 • No RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) emitted
 • Simple operation - no external controls, switches or moving parts
 • Charger design prevents battery from discharging if AC line fails
 • Complete isolation of the AC line from the DC charging circuit eliminates the danger of high voltage shock to personnel on ungrounded equipment
 • 2-Year Warranty


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