2019 Newsletter

ARBS with Alternator Recharge Option

Option 65F is a new optional accessory for ARBS units for 24VDC engine starting applications.

The new feature allows utilization of the generator alternator for restoring charge in two batteries connected to the ARBS isolator. High power diodes provide isolation between the batteries while allowing recharge rate up to 100Amps DC.

optional accessory for ARBS units for 24VDC engine Mention coupon code USC2018 and receive 50% off the complete package!

Customizable Rack Systems

Customizable Rack Systems

La Marche's unrivaled complete Industrial UPS Packages. These systems are highly customizable in order to accommodate many application requirements. Separate rectifier and inverter components allow for simplicity in sizing and growth of requirements.

La Marche works closely with customers to configure the system’s components and ratings for the best UPS solution.

  • AC/DC Rectifiers
  • DC/AC Inverters
  • Static Transfer Switch
  • Manual Bypass Switch
  • DC/AC/Batt Disconnect Switches
  • Distribution Panels
  • DC/DC Converters (for additional DC distribution)
  • Batteries
  • System Enclosures

DCPS - High Power Telecom Systems

La Marche is proud to introduce a new custom AC Distribution Panel (LAC) that provides maximum overcurrent protection for the AC loads. Each panel can be equipped with up to 12 branch breakers. Expand your system’s capabilities using our field installable breaker kits. Installing the panel on a 19/23” rack is easy, using our versatile relay rack mounting brackets. Provisions are provided for top and bottom conduit landing. The panel has a hinged door that is removable for safe and quick operation.

DCPS - High Power Telecom Systems

Telecom Offerings

The latest addition to our product line is to be launched in the third quarter of 2019. Introducing the new embedded La Marche Power System (LmPow), which is a 1RU/100A -48V: a 19” high-density, high-efficiency system equipped with two hot-swappable high performance rectifiers and a wide operational temperature range (-40°C - 85°C) at 96% efficiency. It features intelligent battery management and protection to help prolong the battery lifespan; in addition to a rectifier dormancy function to help increase efficiency.

Earthquake Alert!

Earthquake Alert

La Marche offers a seismic-rated and certified floor stand for any of our products built in 4B, 10, 4 and 477 cases. This seismic-rated floor stand is strengthened by angle iron material, which provides the support to resist seismic forces. The floor stand is power coated and manufactured with premium U.S. steel quality.

The floor stand has been certified by a licensed Structural Engineer to and for IEEE 693-2018 & IBC 2018.

A77 Series - Predictive Maintenance Battery Charger

Our A77 Battery Charger is the optimum solution for DC installations that require reliability and proactive monitoring of the system’s status.

  • Automatic Battery Continuity Test (another step closer to NERC PRC compliance)
  • Hydrogen Detection Interface (Automatically adjusts the charging characteristics based on the hydrogen level)
  • Electrolyte Level Monitoring Interface
  • Adjustable Ground Detection Sensitivity Levels
  • Internal Fault Monitoring and Reporting
  • Events Logging and Remote Monitoring

A77 Series - Predictive Maintenance Battery Charger