2018 Newsletter


A-Series UPS up to 15kVA

A-Series UPS up to 15kVA

La Marche releases the new A-Series UPS System (AUPS) which is an Uninterruptible Power Supply system designed to utilize separate rectifier and inverter components allowing for simplicity in sizing the system and flexibility in configuring each component as required. The Static Switch in this UPS Series is a fast transfer switch that can be configured to have either the Inverter or the Alternate Source as the primary source. AUPS systems are also equipped with a rotary Make-Before-Break Manual Bypass Switch.

The pure sine wave Inverter provides reliability through transistor switching and a ferroresonant transformer which has inherent voltage regulation, output filtering and overload protection.

The Rectifier (Charger) section uses controlled ferroresonant technology, with separate adjustable voltage settings for float and equalize. It provides high efficiency, high power factor, short circuit protection, and an integral alarm package.

AUPS systems are available in many AC voltage ratings and with DC bus voltages up to 125Vdc. Along with separate Form-C Alarm Contacts for each of the rectifier and inverter sections, AUPS systems also provide remote monitoring capabilities via DNP3 and Modbus protocols.


Battery Continuity Test and enhanced Data Log events Access.

Battery Continuity Test and enhanced Data Log events Access

The A77 Battery Charger line has recently been updated with two additional standard features, which provide further information on the system performance and battery condition. The new Battery Continuity Test feature keeps the user informed with the overall condition of the battery as it provides information on the battery’s capability of supporting the load in the DC system. This feature helps the used fulfill some of the requirements of NERC. Once the test is started, the charger lowers its output voltage to a safe preset Voltage in order to check on the battery’s capability to support the load in case of power outages. This safe preset value is set above the battery end-of-discharge voltage, to ensure the loads are not dropped in case of an open battery or drastic battery failures.

The Battery Continuity Test can assess functions in single unit installations, or in parallel installations where multiple units are connected. The test can be started manually or

automatically based on a preset time interval. On units equipped with a communication card, the test can be started remotely. The test results are displayed on the LCD screen, transmitted over the optional remote communication protocols and stored in the charger data log.

Another useful feature recently added to the A77 model is the ability to view some of the latest data log events that were recorded right on the LCD screen. This provides the user with an easy and convenient method to access those alarms or notifications in case an urgent corrective action is required.

ESCR with special Charging Curve for Enersys Odyssey batteries

La Marche Engine Start Battery Charger Series (ESCR) now can be configured to charge Enersys Odyssey engine starting batteries. Enersys preferred 3 stage special charge profile is pre-programmed in this battery charger and can easily be selected during the installation of the charger or pre-configured from the factory when requested. This feature follows the exact charging curve and parameters as recommended by the battery manufacturer. This guarantees proper charging of the battery while other standard float chargers may undercharge the battery.

ESCR with special Charging Curve for Enersys Odyssey batteries

USC Battery Charger + Ultracapacitor

USC Battery Charger + Ultracapacitor

For NFPA 110 Level 1 and 2 sites, La Marche USC + Ultracapacitor GSS modules can be installed alongside existing batteries, providing high current starting power even in the event of battery system failure.

Batteries and Ultracapacitors are similar as they both store and release electrical energy. A major difference between batteries and Ultracapacitors is the relationship of power to energy delivered by each technology. Batteries depend on a chemical reaction to take place during charging and discharging, therefore, they can be used as energy storage. Ultracapacitors store a limited amount of energy and they can deliver stored energy in high power bursts, which can reduce high power sudden demands from the battery. Ultracapacitor, as an adjunct to a battery, can make the battery last longer, especially in high power instantaneous load applications.

Low Harmonic Distortion (THD) Battery Charger

The 12 Pulse arrangement of the A77 Battery Charger has been re-engineered to immensely reduce the Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi). Typical 12 Pulse SCR Battery Chargers are capable of achieving 10% maximum THDi distortion. The new La Marche 12 Pulse A77 Charger maintains the Total Harmonic Distortion below 5%, even when the charger operates at its full rated output.

Over the years, the increased losses in utility power systems, low input power factor and efficiency has been a concern. La Marche’s enhanced 12 Pulse design outperforms typical SCR Chargers’ performance and power character- istics, such as improved Power Factor, output ripple and switching devices durability.

Low Harmonic Distortion (THD) Battery Charger

MSM Marine Battery Charger NOW with Modbus Ethernet capabilities

MSM Marine Battery Charger NOW with Modbus Ethernet capabilities

With the ever growing emphasis on wireless communications, the marine market is seeing more and more critical equipment needing to be connected to SCADA systems. The Battery charger is one example where precise and secured information is critical to the user. Utilizing the newly added option 57Y – Modbus Ethernet Communication – will allow the user to remotely monitor and control the MSM Charger over an Ethernet connection. Read coils and registers will include AC power, Current limit, Charger Mode, Output voltage and current indications among others. Write coils will allow control of Float and Equalize modes. The option includes a Modbus PC board and RJ-45 Ethernet connection that will be integrated into the unit, avoiding any physical dimension changes to the case.

La Marche is proud to announce Woman-Owned Business Certification!

judith-La-Marche Judith La Marche
Owner & Chair of the Board

The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council has been responsible with advocating the efforts of women in business since its foundation. Women who own businesses have come a long way since then, and that includes La Marche.

After hearing so much about the business over the kitchen table, 16-year-old Judy La Marche was enthusiastic about coming to work after school, as a sales assistant at La Marche. She has continued this passion for the business throughout her life. From a management perspective, Austin, Judy’s father, was the first Chairman of the Board of Directors. At his death in 1982, he was succeeded by his wife, Margaret. When she died in 1985, Judy became Co-Chair of the Board of Directors with her brother, Raulf, until the end of December 2016, when she purchased controlling shares from her brother to become the Chair of the Board

Over the span of two decades, Judy has not only sustained her decision-making role at La Marche, but she has maintained her involvement by joining associations and attending conferences/trade shows in order to gather information, network and develop new connections. La Marche has become a leader in the industry today, thanks to the application and integration of the strategies that Judy has developed over the years. As requested by our customers and by our sales representatives, we are pleased and proud to announce the recent certification by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, another positive La Marche differentiator.

RH-3 Portable Battery Tester

La Marche is proud to introduce the new compact and potable RH-3 Battery Tester

The RH-3 is a true battery capacity tester that measures the Amp-Hours capacity and battery performance under controlled test conditions. The RH-3 can be operated in several test modes, which provides the flexibility to test each battery according to its own conditions.

The advanced settings on the RH-3 Battery Tester provide the capability to perform multiple charge/ discharge cycles on the battery. It constantly logs all charging/discharging data and parameters in order to assist the user with performing deeper evaluation of their battery’s status. RH-3 configurations and data-logging capabilities allow the user to save files for several batteries identified by a designated ID number.

Over the years, the increased losses in utility power systems, low input power factor and efficiency has been a concern. La Marche’s enhanced 12 Pulse design outperforms typical SCR Chargers’ performance and power character- istics, such as improved Power Factor, output ripple and switching devices durability.


ARBS Now Equipped with Battery Control and Monitoring

Battery Control and Monitoring

The Automatic Redundant Battery Selector (ARBS) has been developed for customers requiring battery redundancy in critical engine starting applications. The ARBS allows the connection of two separate battery systems to a single load. The concept was quickly adapted by markets other than engine start.

Based on customer requests, La Marche developed two special versions of the ARBS units, equipped with a brand new option: 57J. The new option provides the customer with the ability to control the usage of each battery connected to the ARBS. High current, normally closed contactors are used on the inputs of the unit to ensure fail safe functionality of the system.

The digital controller provides four modes of operation (Battery 1 Only, Battery 2 Only, Both Batteries ON and a Cycling Mode). The Cycling mode switches the load between battery 1 and 2, based on the customer selectable time interval (24Hr, 7 day, 14 day, 21 day and 30 day).

The controller has been equipped with safety features, which monitors the voltage on each battery and turns on both batteries in the event of a low voltage condition. The controller provides status / alarm relays (Battery 1 Connected, Battery 2 Connected and Fault). The LCD display provides voltage reading for each of the batteries. The unit is also equipped with Battery 1 On and Battery 2 On LED indicators.

La Marche has developed two versions of the ARBS unit with the option 57J. The smaller ARBS unit has been developed for utility and similar type loads (PLC’s, switchgear, monitoring equipment, etc.), while the other, larger unit was developed for engine staring applications. A new set of accessories can be provided for both types of ARBS units. Smaller, utility type ARBS units can be equipped with input breakers. All units can be equipped with alarm relays of a higher current rating to drive peripheral devices, strobe lights and horns. These can also be requested with the new units, as well as Modbus Communication. As always, La Marche can further customize the unit to fit customer specific requirements.

DCPS - High Power Telecom Systems

The capability of the DCPS system has been expanded from 200Amp up to 2,000Amp Power Systems!

The La Marche DC Power system utilizes high efficiency rectifiers, an intelligent system controller, I/O interface board for alarms/sensors, Low Voltage Disconnects (LVD) and load/battery distribution panels.

Each compact 1 RU power shelf is rated at -48Vdc/200Amp. This will allow more flexibility in adding battery trays, distributions or other protection devices in the same system. Each 600Amp rated distribution tier will have an LVD contactor , with up to 24 breaker positions. The higher capacity DC systems will be available in open 19/23” racks, NEMA rated enclosures or frame enclosed cabinets.

High Power Telecom Systems

TPSD New Design!

TPSD New Design!

La Marche is constantly adapting and redesigning products in order to improve efficiency on both the production and consumer ends. Recently, new changes were implemented to the La Marche TPSD units that involve a design change to 4T cases.

The changes pertain to the front door of the unit and were implemented for production and assembly. The previous 4 case had a fixed panel as part of the front door. The new 4T cases merged the two panels into one swinging door that has AC and DC breakers, as well as one panel on the outside. The new door allows for a cleaner path for internal wiring, leading to less congestion for production and assembly to access parts in the units, such as capacitors.

Along with these changes, consolidation of several circuit cards into a single card also provide less congestion internally and an overall open design. Overall, the dimensions of the new 4T case were retained from the previous 4 case that was used. The differences are mainly aesthetic, as most internal parts still remain in the same location. This helps production assemble units with ease and provides users with equal functionality.

CE Certification for A77 Battery Charger!

CE Certification for A77 Battery Charger

By following ‘Continuous Product Improvement’ in terms of safety and reliability, La Marche has continued its strive to acquire safety certifications for its products. One recent addition was the achievement of CE certification for the La Marche A77D/DE battery charger. This certificate enables La Marche and its representatives to market this product in multiple international companies or organizations with mandatory CE compliance requirements.

The CE certification refers to various applicable standards per IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) requirements. Apart from general safety standards (IEC 60950-1), the other standards considered and included for the La Marche A77 battery charger are: EN55011, IEC 60255-22-3, IEC 61000-4, IEC 61000-6-4, IEC 61000-6-2, IEC 61204-7 and IEC 62477-1. Basically, these standards relate to the radio-frequency disturbance characteristics, radiated electromagnetic field immunity, EMC emissions, EMC requirements for testing and measurement techniques, etc. This certification emphasizes added safety assurance and technical compliances, per industry requirements for the La Marche A77 battery charger.

La Marche A31 Ferro-Resonant Inverters

La Marche has expanded its offering of the A31 Inverter Series to include 20kVA power systems on our 130 VDC input inverters.

The A31 Series is an industrial grade Ferro-Resonant Inverter that is designed for critical power installations. This inverter supplies the load with a pure sine-wave output while protecting it from AC-DC shorts. The nature of Ferro-Resonant designs is immune to output short circuit faults and inherently features overload protection. It incorporates a DC input breaker and an automatic under/over-voltage shutdown circuit to protect the system.

The A31 Inverter Series can be equipped with a fast-electronic Static Transfer Switch. This allows for this Inverter Series to be used when teamed up with a reliable La Marche charger in critical and industrial UPS installations.

Ferro-Resonant Inverters

Register Your Product and Receive Additional Warranty

La Marche is pleased to introduce our new registration program, which makes it easier for you to register your product with us and get an extended warranty for an additional year. Registering your product not only keeps you up-to-date with revision changes and feature upgrades, but will also give you an opportunity to provide valuable feedback on our products and help us improve our service. Please click here to open our product registration form.

Start Your Engine with an Ultracap Hybrid Solution At Half The Price!

Take advantage of our promotional Ultracap package offer that gives you three products at half the price! The offer runs only through the end of the year, so hurry and place your order for the complete package of our USC Battery Charger, Ultracap and ARBS. This hybrid system solution guarantees a reliable start for generator sets in critical/Level 1 sites such as hospitals, hotels, data centers, server farms and more. The Ultracap package serves as a fast, reliable backup starting solution for batteries that fail to start the genset. If your primary DC battery source fails, the Ultracap starts the generator from a cold start condition through the automatic redundant battery selector (ARBS), ensuring that you meet NFPA 110 cranking requirements.

ultracap-hybrid-solutions Mention coupon code USC2018 and receive 50% off the complete package!

Requirement-Based Custom DC Systems

Ferro-Resonant Inverters

La Marche has designed and manufactured integrated DC systems typically used in industrial applications such as utility switchgear and natural gas compressor stations. The new systems are configurable to meet the customer’s specific requirements. This DC system offers a stainless steel NEMA 3R rated enclosure designed for outdoor applications.

It also includes a rack mounted battery charger, along with a battery rack that has an temperature controlled heater.

New Overcurrent Protection Device!

La Marche is proud to introduce a new custom AC Distribution Panel (LAC) that provides maximum overcurrent protection for the AC loads. Each panel can be equipped with up to 12 branch breakers. Expand your system’s capabilities using our field installable breaker kits.

Installing the panel on a 19/23” rack is easy, using our versatile relay rack mounting brackets. Provisions are provided for top and bottom conduit landing. The panel has a hinged door that is removable for safe and quick operation.

New Overcurrent Protection Device