2017 Newsletter

A77 Series Predictive Maintenance Charger

The La Marche Model A77 Series Battery Charger is engineered for the demanding requirements of Switchgear, Process Control, Oil Exploration and other critical DC power applications
The A77 Charger series now offers new features that help track the health and status of the DC system and predict an issue before it’s too late. With its industry leading, time and event based, data-log capabilities on a removable SD card, the A77 provides the user the ability to monitor long term health of the system, keep record of the DC system’s parameters and assist during trouble-shooting. This record keeping capability also helps the user in complying with NERC PRC and other PM regulations.
This charger series performs a periodic battery continuity test in order to verify the connection of the battery in the DC system. This charger series not only monitors the battery temperature and interfaces with battery Electrolyte sensors and Hydrogen detectors, but it also reacts to those parameters and adjusts the charging characteristics accordingly. Besides monitoring key elements, the A77 is also responsive to faults caused by internal operation, SCR failure, equipment over-temperature, charging and DC systems ground faults.
A77 Series Predictive Maintenance Charger
A77 Chargers allows the user to remotely monitor the system via advanced communication protocols to receive alarms and status notification of the condition of the system. This charger series supports DNP3, Modbus, IEC 61850, Profi-Bus and SNMP communication protocols. The communication interface in the A77 charger complies with high communications security protocols in accordance with NERC CIP requirments.

MSM For Marine Market!

MSM For Marine Market
We are excited to announce the new and enhanced product in the Marine market - The La Marche MSM Marine Battery Charger! La Marche has released this product after years of experience and new technology to cater to our customers with an ideal compact and rugged battery chargers with UL, CE, ABS and USCG compliance.
The MSM battery charger series incorporates Power Factor Circuitry (PFC) with a wide input range and high efficiency. The filtered output is suitable to charge different types of batteries for Marine applications – VRLA (Gel-Cell, AGM), Flooded Lead acid and Nickel Cadmium batteries. The charger also provides the capability to remotely monitor your charger and alarms, protects your battery with temperature compensation and is equipped with metering all in a compact and rugged design.
The MSM series chargers are available in 12Volt and 24Volt versions, with the current output

Pole Mount Solar Backup System

Pole Mount Solar Backup System
La Marche is currently designing a Solar Backup System that is low in initial cost, easy to install for customers and requires less maintenance. This system has Photovoltaic (PV) input and AC input to ensure the batteries are fully charged. It incorporates a circuitry that performs maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm to harvest the maximum available energy from the PV array and delivers it to the batteries and loads. It also has temperature compensation to ensure the batteries are charged per battery manufacturers and prolonged the life of the batteries.
NiCad batteries are recommended to be used with this system providing a less maintenance solution in the extreme temperature environment. This backup system is specifically designed in a NEMA Type 3R enclosure which can be wall or pole mounted in any outdoor applications.

Good old A12B meets NEMA4R wall mount enclosur

Good old A12B meets NEMA4R wall mount enclosur
La Marche built a wall mount battery charger, as per request from TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority). This NEMA4R enclosed charger in a box offers the reliably of the Mag-Amp technology and the features of the 16E Alarm package. The Terminal Strip, with wire-markers for Input / Output connections and alarms, makes it easier for the customer to wire connections. Being enclosed, the alarm annunciation feature gives the customer remote alarms such as AC Failure, High & Low DC Voltage and Low DC Current. The Box is also equipped with a Voltmeter Terminal, which can be monitored remotely without the need to open the enclosure for routine maintenance. This adds to list of custom solutions offered by La Marche, the number one company in custom DC solutions designing to meet real customer needs.

Output Alarm Box (Low Voltage, High Voltage and Ground Detection)

With many battery chargers out in the field without basic alarms, there have been requests to add alarms as more of our customers are looking to monitor their DC system remotely. In addition, some of the chargers, which are equipped with blocking diodes, make it difficult to be retrofitted with alarms in the field.
La Marche has come up with a simple compact solution to address this issue: an outdoor NEMA box with watertight connections, making this suitable for any location. The Alarm Box monitors the DC bus for high and low voltage levels and is adjustable based on battery type and user preference. Positive and Negative Ground Detection alarms provide safety warnings for your personnel before working on the equipment. These alarms are critical, as most of the DC systems are used in critical applications.
Can be used with models A41, MSM, MSCR, and others

LTP System Shows Flexibility

The LTP system over the past few years has evolved to by showing its flexibility to meet various needs in the field. Some of items include, Distribution to connect multiple loads, controller to accommodate charging of lithium-ion batteries, and also simple load and battery connections for standard configurations.
This LTP System is still one of the most unique charging systems offering separate load and battery current limiting designed to increase battery life along with being able to be configured with Inverters, Converters and Rectifiers.