3rd Quarter 2014

Load Distribution Center

La Marche's LDC (Load Distribution Center) delivers the highest level of circuit protection. The LDC offers a robust and innovative configuration that simplifies any installation. It is available in two different models: 12 or 24 circuit breaker positions, with the option to include a main breaker. The LDC breakers are 2 pole, 250 VDC and minimum 10 kAIC rated. Loads are connected directly to the breaker, in order to establish a more secure and reliable connection. The field installable breaker kits makes future expansion much simpler.

In order to prevent accidental contact, the enclosure includes a hinged front access door and a protective front cover.
Load Distribution Center

Load Distribution Center

We will be updating the DC ripple filtration specification with the upcoming release of the new A75D(E) Microprocessor Controlled SCR battery chargers to optimize consistent performance. The revised A75D will be a "filtered" charger while the A75DE will still be a "filtered-eliminator". Also, Single and 3-phase A75D(E) chargers will meet the same ripple filtering standards.

The A75D "filtered" (Single or 3-Phase) meets the following per NEMA PE-5:
  • 12/24/48Vdc filtered 1% ripple without battery / (30mVRMS with battery)
  • 125/130Vdc filtered 2% ripple without battery / (100mVRMS with battery)

The A75DE "filtered-eliminator" (Single or 3-Phase) meets the following per NEMA PE-5:
  • 12/24/48Vdc filtered eliminator 30mVRMS ripple without battery
  • 125/130Vdc filtered 100mVRMS ripple with battery

Since La Marche is participating in the IEEE adoption and revision of NEMA PE-5, IEEE-P2405, La Marche may revise the above filtration standards to stay ahead of the pack. Watch the La Marche newsletter for the most up to date information on IEEE-P2405.
A75D Filtering

Communication - Option Codes

Communication protocols option codes are back the way we have always had them; options 21P & 21Q have been reinstated for DNP3 and Modbus protocols, while option codes 57P & 57Q are no longer used. See the summary chart below for the different communication protocols option codes for more details.

21J IEC 61850 (Ethernet)
21P DNP 3.0 (RS232/RS485 & Ethernet)
21Q MODBUS (RS232/RS485 & Ethernet)
21S MODBUS RTU (RS232/RS485)
21X SNMP (Ethernet)