Reporting to the Engineering Manager, is responsible for testing the systems used to develop and manufacture company products.  Establish validation standards, develop testing protocols, prepare equipment, document test results and maintain records for later analysis.  Measure, analyze and calibrate the equipment and processes to insure the highest quality products are created.


The duties and responsibilities include:


  • Evaluate and calibrate the equipment and procedures used in the development and production of a variety of products.
  • Ensure all systems are running according to necessary specifications and operate within regulations to ensure the production of quality products.
  • Work within a variety a number of different fields
  • Coordinate with other personnel or departments who will be affected by testing.
  • Compose reports and make adjustments to equipment or processes that require improvement.
  • Determine if equipment needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Performs other duties as may be assigned.




Completion of a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering .and several years of relevant work experience.  Must be well organized, possess effective analytical, problem solving and communications skills.


For consideration please forward your resume via U.S. Mail to:  Reno DelRosario, Director, Human Resources, La Marche Mfg. Co., 106 Bradrock Dr., Des Plaines, IL  60018