Preventive Maintenance

All and any maintenance work inside a La Marche product should be performed by qualified personnel.
Before working inside a La Marche Product, all power should be verified to have been removed from inside the enclosure.
Although minimal maintenance is required with La Marche chargers, routine checks and adjustments are recommended to ensure optimum system performance.

General Maintenance Procedure:

  1. Confirm air vents are open. Remove dust and debris from the interior of the unit.
  2. Verify all cables and connections are tight.
  3. Perform a visual inspection on all internal components.
  4. Check front panel meters for accuracy and LED operation.
  5. In case of a Battery Charger or a UPS system with a DC bus, measure the AC ripple on the DC bus. If the ripple reading is higher than the specified value in the product's instruction manual or spec sheet, the capacitors are recommended to be replaced.

7th Year:
If the product is consistently operated in higher temperature environments, all capacitors are recommended to be replaced.
10th Year:
  1. Check magnetics, components and wiring for signs of excessive heat.
  2. It is recommended to replace all capacitors if not done so at the 7-year interval.

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