The MSM Series is a Smart High Frequency Switch Mode battery charger developed specifically for the marine applications. The MSM battery charger series is UL 1236 listed in a IP22 enclosure. 
The LTP wall mount system provides DC voltage to a load while charging external batteries. This flexible system can accommodate rectifiers or inverters. 
The RHF series uses proven High Frequency charging technology and is developed specifically for the railroad market. 
The La Marche Total Power Module Switchmode Rectifier Systems can deliver 30 Amps and 15 Amps respectively and are compact self contained power systems. 
The 4RU La Marche system offers a complete DC power solution in a compact package configuration. DCPS-4RU system is a front maintenance, and rear access system that can be installed in standard 19 or 23 inch rack or cabinet.
Modular Switchmode Rectifier DC Power System model LMHF is a 4RU modular design rectifier for telecommunication applications. These rectifiers are available with nominal output voltages of 24VDC or 48VDC and can deliver 115 amps and 75 amps respectively. The nominal universal input range of 208VAC to 277VAC and the frequency range of 45 to 75Hz provides the flexibility for worldwide power requirements. 
This compact 48 VDC or 130 VDC Switchmode Rectifier is a system with current limiting, voltage regulations, high efficiency and high power factor designed for Utility applications.
The A96 is the Ultimate Utility Modular Rectifier. It is more than a rectifier/battery charger; it is also a power supply/battery eliminator. The A96 features a 1-year warranty.
The La Marche model MRHF series uses scalable High Frequency charging technology and is developed specifically for the railroad market. It is typically used for signaling, highway crossing and motion detection systems where the battery is cycled frequently.