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Marine Battery Chargers

A12B (Mag Amp Charger)
The Magnetic Amplifier design battery charger/eliminator has an extremely high MTBF. Battery Power Systems
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A41/A41F (Analog Metering Mag Amp Charger)
These battery chargers can supply DC power for all shipboard accessories while simultaneously charging and keepiing your vessel batteries charged.
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A46/A46F (Premium Mag Amp Charger)
The A46/A46F Engine Start Battery Charger is specifically designed for maintaining and recharging starting batteries of engine generator sets. 
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TPSD (Ferro Resonant Charger)
Microprocessor Controlled Ferroresonant design battery charger / eliminator is another ideal alternative for switchgear and process control applications.
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MSCR (Digital SCR Charger)
The MSCR battery charger product line utilizes microprocessor controlled SCR charging technology.
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MSM (High Freq Charger)
La Marche model MSM series uses High Frequency Charging technology and is developed specifically for the marine applications.
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