2018 Newsletter


A-Series UPS up to 15kVA

A-Series UPS up to 15kVA

La Marche releases the new A-Series UPS System (AUPS) which is an Uninterruptible Power Supply system designed to utilize separate rectifier and inverter components allowing for simplicity in sizing the system and flexibility in configuring each component as required. The Static Switch in this UPS Series is a fast transfer switch that can be configured to have either the Inverter or the Alternate Source as the primary source. AUPS systems are also equipped with a rotary Make-Before-Break Manual Bypass Switch.

The pure sine wave Inverter provides reliability through transistor switching and a ferroresonant transformer which has inherent voltage regulation, output filtering and overload protection.

The Rectifier (Charger) section uses controlled ferroresonant technology, with separate adjustable voltage settings for float and equalize. It provides high efficiency, high power factor, short circuit protection, and an integral alarm package.

AUPS systems are available in many AC voltage ratings and with DC bus voltages up to 125Vdc. Along with separate Form-C Alarm Contacts for each of the rectifier and inverter sections, AUPS systems also provide remote monitoring capabilities via DNP3 and Modbus protocols.


Battery Continuity Test and enhanced Data Log events Access.

Battery Continuity Test and enhanced Data Log events Access

The A77 Battery Charger line has recently been updated with two additional standard features, which provide further information on the system performance and battery condition. The new Battery Continuity Test feature keeps the user informed with the overall condition of the battery as it provides information on the battery’s capability of supporting the load in the DC system. This feature helps the used fulfill some of the requirements of NERC. Once the test is started, the charger lowers its output voltage to a safe preset Voltage in order to check on the battery’s capability to support the load in case of power outages. This safe preset value is set above the battery end-of-discharge voltage, to ensure the loads are not dropped in case of an open battery or drastic battery failures.

The Battery Continuity Test can assess functions in single unit installations, or in parallel installations where multiple units are connected. The test can be started manually or

automatically based on a preset time interval. On units equipped with a communication card, the test can be started remotely. The test results are displayed on the LCD screen, transmitted over the optional remote communication protocols and stored in the charger data log.

Another useful feature recently added to the A77 model is the ability to view some of the latest data log events that were recorded right on the LCD screen. This provides the user with an easy and convenient method to access those alarms or notifications in case an urgent corrective action is required.

ESCR with special Charging Curve for Enersys Odyssey batteries

La Marche Engine Start Battery Charger Series (ESCR) now can be configured to charge Enersys Odyssey engine starting batteries. Enersys preferred 3 stage special charge profile is pre-programmed in this battery charger and can easily be selected during the installation of the charger or pre-configured from the factory when requested. This feature follows the exact charging curve and parameters as recommended by the battery manufacturer. This guarantees proper charging of the battery while other standard float chargers may undercharge the battery.

ESCR with special Charging Curve for Enersys Odyssey batteries