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Instruction Manuals                             
Instruction Manuals for Discontinued Products

A12B A12B Series Battery Charger/ Power Supply
A18JA Engine Starting Battery Charger
A18J & A20R Engine Starting Battery Charger
A36D Rectifier/ Power Supply 
A39 Universal SCR Battery Charger
A40/A40F Engine Starting Battery Charger
A40R Railroad Battery Charger
A41/A41F Marine Battery Charger
A45M Recharger
A46/A46F Engine Starting Battery Chargers
A48/A48B Fire Pump Battery Chargers
A75D/A75DE Battery Charger/ Power Supply 
A75R Railroad Battery Charger
A85MD Mining Battery Charger
A86B Switchmode Telecommunication Rectifier
A96 Switchmode Utility Rectifier
A97 Switchmode Utility Rectifier
ARBS Automatic Redundant Battery Selector
E12 Battery Charger / Battery Eliminator
EC Engine Starting Float Battery Charger
ESCR Engine Starting Battery Charger
LMHF Modular Switchmode Rectifier System 
LPM Switching Power Supply
TPM Total Power Module Switchmode Rectifier
TPCD TPM Distribution Center
TPSD Battery Charger/ Power Supply 
BI Battery Informer
A63 Converters-Switchmode
A31 Inverters-Ferroresonant
CDPD Combination Distribution Panel
A32P/A32S UPS System UL 1481
46Series Digital CAP System LCD 46 Series
16Series Digital CAP System 16 Series
DNP3.0/Modbus (Option 21PQ)  A12B DNP3.0 & Modbus SCADA INTERFACE
DNP3.0/Modbus (Option 21PQ) A36D/TPSD DNP3.0 & Modbus SCADA INTERFACE
DNP3.0/Modbus (Option 21PQ) A75DE DNP3.0 & Modbus SCADA INTERFACE
DNP3.0/Modbus (Option 21PQ) A97 DNP3.0 & Modbus SCADA INTERFACE
CEMF Counter Electro Motive Force (options 340,341,342
Option 03M Electronic Voltage Sensing Relays
Option 04J Equalize Timer
Option 04G & 04H Manual Equalize Timer
Option 10G Force Load Sharing
Option 03N Electronic Current Sensing Relays
Option 11L Lightning Arrester
Option 03S Low Voltage Disconnect
Option 21PQ Battery Informer DNP 3.0 & Modbus SCADA INTERFACE
Option 130 &132 Inverter Failure Contacts
Option 136 Static Transfer Switch
Option 164 Electronic Transfer Switch
Option 165 Electronic Transfer Switch
Option 145, 146 or 147 Manual Bypass Switch
Option 204 Combination Alarm (A46 and EC)
Option 217 Reverse Polarity Protection Circuit
Option 345 Low Voltage Disconnect Panel
Option 050, 051,052,053 Ground Detection System
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