The La Marche ESCR battery charger is designed for maintaining and recharging batteries for engine generator sets. 
With thousands sold, the A70B Battery Charger is in use at airports throughout the country.
Universal SCR Charger Meets a Variety of Battery Charging Needs. This Industrial Charger provides battery charging flexibility needed with various charging requirements.
The model A75MD mine battery charger product line utilizes microprocessor controlled SCR charging technology. 
The A77 series is the newest model of La Marche Battery Chargers for DC stationary applications. The A77 series is a digital microprocessor controlled Charger.
The MSCR battery charger product line utilizes microprocessor controlled SCR charging technology.
Model A75R series uses proven SCR charging technology and is developed specifically for the railroad market. 
The SCR technology battery Charger/battery Eliminator series is offered with DC output voltages of 24, 48 or 130 VDC and DC output currents from 6 to 100 amps.