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Since 1945, La Marche has been providing reliable power conversion products. La Marche products include industrial battery chargers, rectifiers, power supplies, inverters and many more. We have built our reputation by controlling all aspects of the development process including design, in-house manufacturing and testing. La Marche is an ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturer which includes 100% functional testing for every La Marche product. The Company is headquartered in Des Plaines, IL.

The ESCR II starting battery charger product line utilizes microprocessor controlled SCR Charging Technology.
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The LTP wall mount system provides DC voltage to a load while charging external batteries. This flexible system can accommodate rectifiers or inverters. 
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The Magnetic Amplifier design battery charger/eliminator has an extremely high MTBF. Battery Power Systems
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Automatic Redundant Battery Selector (ARBS)
This Automatic Redundant Battery Selector is a solid state device that controls redundant power in engine starting switchgear applications. 
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The SCR technology battery Charger/battery Eliminator series is offered with DC output voltages of 24, 48 or 130 VDC and DC output currents from 6 to 100 amps.
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BI Battery Informer
This patented battery tester has the capability to store battery discharge curve as a benchmark to analyze battery health trends. 
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